Goodbye, Marvell. And Thanks

February 7, 2018

The San Jose Earthquakes unceremoniously dropped fullback Marvell Wynne from the team’s roster, which has all but ended his tenure as a San Jose Earthquake.

The move was foreshadowed when Marvell did not have a physical done with the team. When I asked, a source with the team said that since Marvell was not under contract, he was not technically on the team to receive a physical. Wynne also hinted at a  possible run in the NASL or USL a few weeks ago on his Instagram account.

The lack of  a physical created a Catch-22: Marvell couldn’t be on the team without passing a physical, but he couldn’t have a physical unless he was on the team. My speculation (and indirectly hinted by a team source) is that MLS did not want to be held liable for any medical complications that may have developed after Wynne’s successful open-heart surgery, hence the reason for his exit.

Personally, I’m a little upset that the man who helped establish the Quakes at Avaya Stadium was not given a special “Thank You” from the team. While other members from the team have been removed without much fanfare, such as Marc Pelosi, Wynne deserved better.

So to Marvell: on behalf of all the fans of the San Jose Earthquakes, THANK YOU! Thank you for your time and service with the team, and we wish you success on your future endeavors in soccer or beyond. Good luck!



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