January 12, 2018

It’s been almost a year since Marvell Wynne was deemed medically ineligible to play in Major League Soccer. Despite an unprecedented recovery in which Wynne was on the pitch months after his surgery, Marvell was relegated to the stands and had to watch his Quakes brothers do battle without him. He hasn’t been paid since June.

Marvell has been preparing for his comeback all year. He even tweeted about it a few days ago, with the MLS Player’s Union voicing their support, but MLS still has not budged. Wynne is still out of contract, and without a paycheck.

That said, it’s time for social media to get behind the Quakes’ defender. Rather than forcing Wynne to wait another month, I propose a “#FreeMarvell” hashtag that fans can use to bring Marvell’s plight to the attention of Major League Soccer and renew his contract. The man has worked his ass off all year, and deserves to be recognized financially.




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