Deltas Done?

October 17, 2017

After a dismal opening year in which the President of the San Francisco Deltas pleaded with fans to continue to support their club, it appears the Deltas are packing up their gear and going home.

The Deltas announced that ALL Deltas merchandise will be given away at their last home-match. A give-away can only mean one thing: we have to get rid of our stuff because we won’t be selling it anymore, our team is done. To be fair, it is a nod to the fans that tried to make the team work, and what better way to reward those fans than to give them free merch.

Quakesfan contributor Evan Chu highlighted how soccer was doomed to fail in San Francisco. Quite simply, the City is unable to financially sustain a professional team given the enormous costs and logistical nightmares.

The Deltas’ failure comes on the heals of another Bay Area soccer failure: the Burlingame Dragons, who recently announced that the club not only withdrew its USL bid, but also announced that the team would not return in 2018

Soccer is dwindling in the Bay Area, but there is hope. The Quakes could make their first playoff run in four years and reignite the flame for future Bay Area teams.

The Deltas’ final game of 2017 (and beyond?) is October 28th at 3:00pm in Kezar Stadium.



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