Fan Reactions to Fox Hiring

May 31, 2017

The Quakes fan-base is reeling after today’s news that the team hired former Senior Vice President of Gatorade, Chief Commercial Officer of Arsenal, and President of Aston Villa Tom Fox as the club’s new President. Several Villa fans have already given words of caution.

A few Aston Villa reddit fans had these things to say:

  • “Nothing we did under his regime was beneficial . . . [it] cost us a fair bit of money . . .¬†How he has landed another job at the top of the chain is beyond staggering.” –HyperMegaMuffin
  • “The fact that he’s got another high-level position at a football club is nothing short of ridiculous.” –Harewoodsforeheads92
  • “He’s a proper sly c***. I hope he gets sacked before he can do any real damage.” –Pefala

A few Villains that also happen to be Quakes fans were none-too-pleased at the news.

  • “I’m so sad that I have to deal with Fox again. I credit him as a major supporting reason to our relegation last year from the EPL. Seems like a step backwards” -AmericanVillan
  • “As a fellow Villa fan, I’m not excited about Fox, either . . . He took the team from the warm up act of the s#!t show to headliner,” -El_Floppo

Not to be outdone, some Villa fans that heard the news gave their condolences on this site.

  • “Good luck to you and your team – from a Villa fan – you’ll need it!”
  • “The man knows nothing about football and the fact that he had to have bodyguards by the end of his time at Villa Park tells you everything you need to know about his incompetence. I am still beyond furious at what he and – ultimately – Randy Lerner did to Aston Villa Football Club. Fox and Lerner represent just about the very lowest period of the club’s 143 year history.”

Buckle up, fellow Quakes fans. This could be bumpy ride.



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