Quakes Swapping Starters

March 8, 2017

By: AJ Gil

Dominic Kinnear was not content with an early goal this past Saturday in the home opener against the Montreal Impact that he made three subs with players that were for offensive purposes. Danny Hoesen, Jahmir Hyka, and Shea Salinas all were subbed in the second half and pursued to add to the lead Earthquakes 1-0. But after one game look for Kinnear to possibly swap some of his starters with his subs for the game against the Vancouver White Caps. Fans will probably not approve of this move, but its still early and he has to work different players together. A few players the coach could possibly swap out of the starting 11 are:

Jahmir Hyka for Simon Dawkins: Although Hyka only played 20 minutes in the opener, It feels more like this move was done purely for Hyka to adjust to the MLS style. In addition to more time to adjust, Kinnear may have chose Dawkins to start due to seniority with the club, and knowing better the midfielders. With Hyka’s short sample size, he displayed amazing ball accuracy, in one instance with a great cross to Wondolowski, who missed an opportunity to make it 2-0 late in the 85th minute.

Darwin Ceren in the midfield: Being a starter for the most part since arriving to the San Jose Quakes late last year, Ceren could possibly be reinserted against the White Caps. The question is where would be a good fit, since Godoy, Thompson, and Alashe all had nice outings in the opener. As Godoy was clicking with the forwards and scored the goal he might not be switched, Alashe did great coming back to help defense at times so he might stay in, but Ceren could be swapped for odd man out Tommy Thompson. It may not be a popular decision but its only one game and different line ups have to be tried out.

Danny Hoesen for Marcos Ureña: Ureña had a good presentation in the game against the Impact, but he had a few missed shots. These missed shots were crucial to the outcome, because with some of these converted the score could have easily been three or four goals in favor of the men in black and blue. Newcomer Danny Hoesen came in and gave the offense a little boost of energy late in the game when the team was looking a little sluggish. With minimal minutes he made the most of it and had a great showing in the offensive zone.

The subs that Kinnear did against re-energized the club when the team was starting to tire out in the second half. With the season just beginning the coach could make some of those subs starters for this Saturdays match.



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