Who is Nick Lima?

December 21, 2016

The Quakes signed fullback Nick Lima to a homegrown contract.

Fans of soccer know about Gareth Bale, a fullback turned midfielder/forward. Bale was a fullback with huge speed that could press forward and be the unaccounted extra attacker. He was so effective that he was moved up on a permanent basis and has blossomed in the attacking half for Real Madrid.

Think of Nick Lima as that guy. Lima is a fullback, but has offensive weaponry, including bursts of speed and ball control.¬†Growing up, he played midfield and forward, which is why he is so potent on the attack. Also, an attacking fullback is right up Dom’s counter-attack 4-4-2 alley, and Lima can make those deep runs.

Lima is right-footed, but plays inverted on the left (from what I’ve read). That said, it should be a competition between him and Colvey for that starting left-back position with Jordan on his way out.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get quality minutes this off-season with the first-team as he has practiced numerous times with squad, and is no stranger to the Quakes locker room. In fact, I’m predicting right now he will probably crack the starting XI over Colvey at left-back before¬†July, possibly sooner. Dude is perfectly suited to Dom’s system.

Welcome, Nick!

Picture: Quakes Twitter



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