Quakes Expansion Draft Protected Players

December 12, 2016

The Quakes announced the following players are protected under the expansion draft. I have rated them from “obvious” to “wtf?”

  • Alashe, Fatai (good)
  • Bernardez, Victor (good)
  • Bingham, David (obvious)
  • Cato, Cordell (good)
  • Ceren, Darwin (bad)
  • Dawkins, Simon (who’d take him anyway??)
  • Godoy, Anibal (good)
  • Imperiale, Andres (no other CBs = kinda good?)
  • Salinas, Shea (super subs are always part of a good squad)
  • Sarkodie, Kofi (wtf?)
  • Wondolowski, Chris (obvious)

Homegrown Tommy Thompson and Generation Adidas recent signing Andrew Tarbell are automatically protected. Surprises? Kofi Sarkodie is the biggest for me. I also think it’s strange to protect three defensive mids with Fatai, Godoy, and Ceren, especially since Ceren’s arrival doomed the team as both the offense and defense got worse with him on the pitch. Why not put up Ceren and protect Marvell?

Up for grabs:

  • Amarikwa, Quincy (good, his production tanked last year despite his huge minutes)
  • Barrera, Leandro (did he ever come back from loan? 🙂 )
  • Barrett, Chad (out the door already)
  • Colvey, Kip (jury still out)
  • Innocent (good)
  • Francis, Shaun (good)
  • Goitom, Henok (good, he’s gone anyway)
  • Goodson, Clarence (good, no one will bite)
  • Lenhart, Steven (obvious)
  • Meredith, Bryan (good, too many ‘keepers already and Tarbell looks like the real deal)
  • Pelosi, Marc (bad, a lot of upside if we can get his injuries under control)
  • Quintero, Alberto (meh, no one will bite)
  • Sherrod, Mark (bad, I think Sherrod actually has a lot of upside but never got to show it with Dom’s love of Quincy)
  • Silva, Matheus (meh, too young)
  • Stewart, Jordan (good, too old)
  • Wynne, Marvell (wtf?)

I’m honestly surprised to see Marvell on the list over Sarkodie, as he was one of our best defenders both at right back and center back. I’m also surprised to see Marc Pelosi, a player with upside, but seriously prone to injury as he’s required numerous trips to the doctor during his professional career. Quintero is a small surprise, but given the fact he’s on loan and not really part of the squad, any team interested would have to negotiate his rights with Lobos.

I would expect to see Colvey or Marvell get picked up (Colvey will be playing in Confederations Cup, which is more than most, is young, and could develop into a solid fullback) and Marvell still has years left to play.

To be honest, I would love to have seen the Quakes put up Dawkins and see if either team would bite on his huge contract for not a lot of production. C’est la vie in the world of Quakes DPs.



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