Quakes Roster Moves

December 2, 2016

Edit: PER TEAM SOURCE, the Quakes are working to bring back both Pelosi and Thompson.

Via press release, the Quakes announced they will NOT exercise options on the following players:

  • Bryan Meredith
  • Clarence Goodson
  • Marc Pelosi
  • Tommy Thompson
  • Chad Barrett
  • Henok Goitom
  • Innocent
  • Steven Lenhart
  • Mark Sherrod

The Quakes will retain:

  • David Bingham
  • Victor Bernardez
  • Kip Colvey
  • Andres Imperiale
  • Fatai Alashe
  • Matheus Silva

All other players are under contract for next year.

No Surprises: the oft-injured players (Lenny, Goodson, Pelosi*, Sherrod, Innocent) are up for grabs. Barrett was already on the way out when Dom subbed him on and then off for Goitom against New England on August 24th. Meredith is the third wheel at ‘keeper. Goitom was an experiment and the cost would be too high, especially given his lack of production during his stint in San Jose.

The big surprise: keeping Kip Colvey and Matheus Silva over Tommy Thompson. I’m guessing his lack of production in MLS (47 appearances, 0 goals or assists) caused the “bad” side of the scale to outweigh the potential upside of a young player with great ball control and a lot of energy. But given what I’ve seen, I’d say there’s way more upside with Thompson than Colvey or Silva as neither have been overly impressive.*

*From a source within the team, the Quakes are at work to bring back both Pelosi and Thompson.

I’m guessing Dom Kinnear made these decisions in the absence of a general manager, more proof that the Quakes can’t lollygag forever on signing a new GM, especially since Kaval already has one foot out the door.

The Quakes still need to name players to protect for the Expansion Draft, of which they can retain 11 and currently have 15. It will be interesting to see who makes the final cut.



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