Ceren By The Numbers

September 28, 2016

An excerpt from my soon-to-be-published GBU Report on the Quakes loss to the Montreal Impact:

The Darwin Ceren/Matias Perez Garcia trade may turn out to be a disaster. In terms of minutes, the Ceren/Perez Garcia trade appears to be great for San Jose; Ceren is putting in minutes with San Jose whereas Perez Garcia was mostly playing off the bench. However, with the arrival of Ceren, the Quakes stagnant offense has become even more ineffective. Prior to the trade, the Quakes had 23 goals in 21 games, for a 1.10 goals per game average. After the trade, the Quakes have scored just six goals in nine games for a 0.66 goals per game average. Furthermore, the Quakes defense is performing worse with Ceren on the pitch. Prior to the trade, the Quakes allowed 24 goals in 21 games for a 1.14 goals against average. Since Ceren’s arrival, the Quakes have allowed 11 goals in nine games for a 1.22 goals against average. Ceren’s trade may have stalled an already suspect Quakes offense and weakened a normally reliable Quakes defense.



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