A Look Back: Preseason Player Rankings

August 22, 2016

Before the start of the regular season, I looked at various Quakes players and made a few predictions. Here are the results:

Hit or Near the Mark

  • Cordell Cato replacing Wynne at right-back. Although this was done more out of necessity/injury and I said “may” happen, it still happened. I’ll take it.
  • Meredith as the back-up to Bingham. Not a hard prediction; Meredith has been the backup when healthy. Had a much better preseason that Tarbell.
  • Tarbell the third string ‘keeper. Yep.
  • MPG possibly on the bench to start the season. Yep.
  • Wondo would snap out of his preseason scoring slump and score goals. He had seven in his first eight.
  • Jahn getting cut. Traded for minimal TAM = pretty much cut, right? 🙂
  • Quincy’s shot conversion rate. I said he struggled to put shots on frame, and had this problem last year. This year it still haunts him: 26% accuracy. I’m also predicting he’s off the starting XI versus the Revolution.
  • Nyassi’s stock was falling. He didn’t make the final roster.
  • Stewart being injury prone. He missed 17 starts due to injury. Again, not difficult to predict.
  • Silva not ready. Yep.
  • Hodan, Lenny, Ty Thompson off the team. Yep.

No Prediction, but Analysis Proved to Be True for Regular Season

  • Bingham looked good. Still does.
  • Shaun Francis looked bad. Thankfully he’s no longer starting.
  • Chad Barrett: did what he was signed for: beat out Adam Jahn, and is a regular on the bench.
  • First team struggles. Many on the “stock is falling” are first-team members, whom I highlighted as part of the problem why the Quakes looked rusty. We’re in 7th place, and just lost to Houston; perhaps the struggles wasn’t due to being rusty.

Close, but Not Quite Accurate

  • Dawkins: stock was falling. I gave him slack for lack of playing time. To be fair, he has been integral in the Quakes offense, but hasn’t produced the numbers he did in 2011-12. He was part of the squad that scored zero goals in eight preseason games, and this may have been a harbinger of this season’s offensive woes (last in the West in total goals scored)
  • Colvey: said he looked good, and he made the final roster despite being a third-round pick. It took two starts with him playing defense and giving up three goals for him to find himself replaced. However, his New Zealand squad of which he was a key contributor earned a spot in next year’s Confederations Cup over the summer. So he’s both hit and miss.

Way Off

  • Godoy’s stock as falling. In my opinion, and despite the large number of cards he accumulates, I think Godoy has been one of the the most consistent Quakes players.
  • Bernardez looked bad. He’s been awesome as well.
  • Wynne on the hotseat. The injuries to the fullbacks kept Wynne starting, and he played well. He’s now starting over Imperiale at center-back in place of Goodson.
  • Tommy’s rising stock. 435 total minutes, zero goals and zero assists. He’s magic in Sacramento, why doesn’t that translate to MLS??
  • JJ Koval’s rising stock. The center-back experiment didn’t work, and JJ was cut.
  • Imperiale: good preseason. He’s this season’s Paulo Renato, although he has been on the bench.

Injured Players = Wash

  • Goodson: injured after two matches.
  • Sherrod: injured due to knee surgery in mid April.
  • Fatai and Pelosi were injured, both failed to make it to Rio.



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