An Open Invitation

August 21, 2016

Dear Fellow Earthquakes Fans

Part of the business of being a fan, especially for the San Jose Earthquakes, is disagreement. While I try to present evidence such as multiple player stats–and not just focusing on one–to prove my arguments and make predictions, some fans may disagree with my assessments. A prime example is the Simon Dawkins piece. Statistically right now when compared to other players using stats that are relevant to an attacking midfielder such as key passes and dispossessions, Simon is NOT playing at a level consistent with having a “designated player” tag. This can be due to a lot of reasons, such as his positioning on the wing rather than the middle, the fact that Wondo has been struggling to find space and/or Quincy can’t convert shots on target. The reasons why his numbers may be lacking are not the focus of the article, just the facts as they stand now, which is why they weren’t included in the article. If you disagree, fine.

However, it’s easy to coach from the stands, or in this case to critique behind a Twitter handle. But the nice thing about having my own blog is that I can do things differently. So here’s my invitation: if you really think you’re good at analysis and my analyses suck, I am BEGGING you to write an article/rebuttal and submit it to this site. I will host it and even promote it for you.

This invitation is directed especially to the haters. I know I have my share of haters; it’s also part of the business. The hate usually is seen via some form of personal attack. “Quakesfan is an idiot/moron/etc.” If you are the expert you claim to be, I would love to read your insight as to why I’m a moron so that I can become a better analyst and you can prove yourself to the world that you know your stuff. Don’t think stats matter in soccer? Write an article explaining your rationale. Think my stats are misleading? Prove it. I try not to engage in Twitter/Reddit/Facebook/whatever wars, but it happens. Hopefully this will be a much more civil way to A) come to consensus, and B) have people prove themselves to be the experts they claim to be.

So to ANYONE that wants to submit articles about the Quakes, or who may disagree with my views and want to write an article about how wrong I am and why, please email me your stuff! Have your voice and opinions open for all people to read. My email: Keep it civil (no personal attacks), provide your evidence (quotes, stats, etc), and go on record. I love learning new things, and I certainly don’t have all the answers, which is why I welcome your input.

I have offered my blog MULTIPLE times to people to write rebuttals or pieces; no one has ever taken me up on the offer. Hopefully this invitation doesn’t go unheeded. I look forward to hearing from you.



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