Reno USL Affiliation Thoughts

June 29, 2016

The Quakes announced a partnership with Reno 1868 FC as the club’s USL affiliate beginning in 2017. The deal will last two years, which is probably the time it will take for the Quakes to build their academy and have their USL team: the San Jose Clash.

Personally, I liked Sacramento, but I can see why the move is good for San Jose. Sacramento is a team on the move, and will be an MLS team sooner than later. This creates the NorCal rivalry, but it’s hard to grow the rivalry when your players are playing for the other team! A few years of non-affiliation with Sacramento will cultivate more rivalry, which can only benefit both Sacramento and San Jose when both teams are in MLS.

Also, the Quakes will have complete control over soccer operations: coaches, players, etc. This is a huge benefit for San Jose, primarily because it allows the team to scout and play players on their terms, rather than at the will of another organization’s head coach. I’m wondering if it also expands our player development territory to Northern Nevada (anyone know??). If this is true, the Quakes would own a HUGE area of real estate for developing players both in California and Nevada.

The downside: it’s in Reno. Somewhere closer, like Salinas or even Fremont, would have been nice as it provides even more opportunities to watch players live if/when the Quakes are not playing in town. I love going to games, but Reno is just too far away.



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