You Are My Wondo . . .

May 21, 2016

Forward Chris Wondolowski signed an undisclosed “multi-year” contract which will (presumably) keep him with San Jose until he retires. I love the move, but I hate the fact that Wondo is not a DP and should be rewarded with a DP salary in the millions, not just a max salary with a dash of TAM. He’s been the ONLY DP in San Jose history not to be a bust, and that includes the signings of Geovanni and Innocent; the jury is still out with MPG and Dawkins. He deserves the reward contract.

I’m excited to see him stay with the team, and I’m excited to see him make a crack at the all-time goals record. At 33, he seems to be the only consistently healthy Quakes player, and keeps going the full 90 every outing, why not assume he’s good for at least another three good years? After all,┬áRobbie Keane keeps producing at 35 (36 in July). He can do it, too.

Congrats, Wondo!



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