The Latest Roster Rumblings

March 2, 2016

The Quakes had a deadline to be roster compliant by Tuesday. While nothing official has been released, the final roster spots probably look like this.

JJ Koval was dropped. While Dom said it was a “numbers game,” I don’t buy it. I think Lenny could have been dropped to provide roster space, but wanted to drop Koval with the guise that he could continue to develop with another team. Dom had experimented with him at center-back, but it never really materialized. I think the Quakes are looking to sign another player once Lenny leaves. Koval was a first-round pick last year, as was Sam Garza a few years ago. Both appear to have been complete busts.

It appears Matias Perez Garcia lost his starting job as he was on the bench for the final half of the preseason to start games. He probably had his contract bought down with TAM in order for the team to become DP compliant and is no longer a DP. Expect him to see minutes off the bench.

Innocent appears ready to go a full 90, but Shea will probably get the start at left wing to start the season until Innocent’s deemed fully fit by Dom.

Quakes draftees Patrick Hodan and Ty Thompson were never signed by the team, so they did not make the final cut.

Kip Colvey continues to make appearances for the Quakes. He will be on the final 28-man roster, and used a back-up for Marvell Wynne at right-back.

Lenny is still on the roster. Why? Either he has recently told the team he wants to return and is working towards that, or plans to retire altogether and the Quakes are postponing the announcement to sometime midseason so he can retire as a Quake. When Lenny does retire, it will free up a roster spot; will the Quakes use it??



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