Arsenal to SJ?

February 9, 2016

I’ve heard several rumors from MLS groups and Arsenal groups that Arsenal is finishing negotiations to play the MLS All-Star game in San Jose.  The announcement is expected to come Thursday.

I want to believe for several reasons.  A) A few people from both camps have mentioned it.  B) Arsenal has a HUGE following in the U.S. and would certainly see a turnout similar to the Manchester United game last year at Avaya.  C) Arsenal have not come to the U.S. in quite some time (last time was 2010 to play Colorado if I’m not mistaken); it may be time to pay us a visit?

But there are reasons why it may not be true.  A) Arsene Wenger usually does his preseason in Asia, not the States.  B) MLS has entertained the idea of changing formats of the All-Star Game altogether from a U.S. versus European powerhouse club to MLS versus Liga MX, or East versus West, etc.  That may be the announcement on Thursday.

As a Quake and Gooner, my heart would explode if this happened.  If the rumors are true, it’s going to be an awesome 2016 indeed.  On behalf of U.S. Gooners: “COME ON, ARSENAL!”



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