Kit Sponsors and New Players

January 21, 2016
mo money

$$ New Sponsor = MO’ MONEY! $$

The biggest rumor surrounding the Quakes was dropped by Quakes Epicenter last night: the team has secured a kit sponsor, Sutter Health.  This has reportedly been confirmed by “reliable sources” which states that the official announcement will come on Tuesday.

There has been a lot of speculation over the years, with concept kits being posted on the Quakes LOBINA scoreboard offering different sponsors (Stryker, VYSK, and TCL Roku to name a few), none of which materialized.  However, Quakes Epicenter is sure that this is the real deal, so let’s hope it’s true (which I believe it is).

The Quakes also added a few new draftees to the team, although their chances of making the final squad are slim.  Cal Poly defender and New Zealand youth international Kip Colvey was drafted in the third round, which might fill a need on the back-line if Jordan Stewart is not match-fit by March.

Stanford midfielder and Tommy Thompson’s brother Ty was drafted in the final round.  There was a rumor that Leo Barrera is leaving the club to go to San Martin de San Juan, although no official announcement has been made by the Quakes as of yet.  If Barrera is leaving, Ty Thom could make a run for his position on the 23-man roster.



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