Sacramento Versus Miami: Miami Strikes Back

December 4, 2015

David Beckham announced the purchase of a stadium site today, a few days after having to walk away from a previously proposed site.  No doubt the Sacramento vote lit a fire under Becks to buy something and buy it quickly.

A new stadium would all but ensure Miami’s entrance into MLS as the 24th expansion team, and potentially final team for the foreseeable future, which is bad news for Sacramento FC Republic and fans.

MLS still needs to approve the site before anything else can happen.  After that, MLS Miami would still need to get stadium plans designed and approved before being able to be named the next official MLS expansion.

Sacramento has all the “I”s dotted and “T”s crossed, they just need a green-light while Miami still has a few hoops to jump through.  All eyes are on Garber’s decision now.



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