Quakes Statistically Worse in 2015 than 2014

August 8, 2015

Make no mistake, Houston won this match.  The first time the Quakes played Houston, the Quakes eeked out a win despite being out-played the entire match.  The second time they played, Houston beat the Quakes 2-0 in Avaya despite having similar stats.  The rubber match proved Houston, Dom Kinnear’s former team, as the better team, and the stats proved it.

Dom took the blame last time, citing he failed to prepare his team.  A month later, the Quakes look more lost than ever.  Did Dom fail to prepare his team for the entire month of July, and now half way into August, or is his coaching to blame?  Since June 28th, the Quakes have lost every game against all opponents, except for a 0-0 draw to Portland at home, a team with the worst road goal differential at the time.  In short, the Quakes look worse under Kinnear than they did with Watson at the helm, and the stats are proof.

The Quakes have an 0-6-1 record against MLS opponents since the beginning of July.  Under Watson, the Quakes had a 2-2-2 record against MLS opponents during that same stretch.

At this point in 2014, the Quakes were 6-8-6 in 20 games, giving them a 1.2 points per game average.  They currently sit 7-10-5 at 22 games, giving them a 1.18 points per game average.  The Quakes are averaging -0.02 points per game this year than last year at this point in the season.

Goals per game?  The Quakes currently have 23 goals in 22 games, a 1.05 average.  This time last year?  25 goals in 20 games, a 1.25 average.  The Quakes were scoring +0.20 goals/game last year than this year at this point in the season.

Goals allowed per game?  The Quakes have allowed 29 goals in 22 games, an average of 1.32 goals allowed per game.  This time last year?  22 goals in 20 games, an average of 1.1 goals allowed per game.  The Quakes are allowing +0.22 goals/game this year than last year at this point in the season.

This is about the time Watson lost his locker room, partly due to the injuries sustained to Goodson, Perez Garcia, Lenny, and others.  Will history repeat itself with Dom Kinnear?  The Quakes played today without Goodson or MPG, Lenny and Innocent are not showing any signs of playing soon, the players look frustrated: 19 fouls committed, 3 yellow cards, and 1 red card today.  Coincidence?

The winless streak could hit double-digits (fortunately we play Colorado at home next game), and I’m hoping we don’t tailspin into dead last.  Regardless, if these numbers continue, we must consider firing Dom Kinnear.

I truly hope Kinnear has the pedigree to turn around the team.  But the numbers don’t lie: the Quakes are worse at this point in the season than under Watson last year.  Let’s hope we can turn this season around or else we might have to look for a new coach in the off-season, as Kinnear looks as lost as his team did tonight against Houston.

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