Quakes Stew Crew By Two in Blue

May 18, 2015

The Quakes (5-4-2) looked nearly perfect as they hosted and soundly defeated the Columbus Crew (4-4-2) at Avaya.  Wondo tallied MLS goal 99 (season goal six) and Shea opened his account to give the Quakes the 2-0 win.   The Quakes are the sole proprietor of fourth in the West.  The Crew have yet to win on the road despite being fourth in the East.

Early on, the game appeared to be evenly matched with both sides generating chances and attacks.  Momentum changed at 33′ when Mohammed Saied was shown a second yellow, and Columbus were forced to play a man down for 60 minutes.  The Quakes took control and played the beautiful game to their advantage.

Aside from the season highs they posted, the Quakes demonstrated a remarkable turnaround from their previous four matches.

Game/Stats Shots Taken Shots Conceded Shots Differential Shots on Goal Taken Shots on Goal Conceded Shots on Goal Differntial Goals
Columbus 15 8 7 8 5 3 2
Last Four Games Average 10.00 15.00 -5.00 3.00 4.25 -1.25 0.75
Difference 5.00 -7.00 12.00 5.00 0.75 4.25 1.25


The Quakes improved their total shots, creating five more shots more than their previous four game average, conceded seven less shots, took five more shots on goal, improved their shots differential average by 12 (12!!) and shots on goal differential by 4.25  The only area in which the Quakes were worse against Columbus is their shots on goal conceded, in which they let in almost one more than their previous four game average.

Game/Stats Total Passes Pass Accuracy Possession Chances Created Chances Conceded Chances Differential Corners Taken Corners Conceded Corners Differential Crosses Crosses Conceded Crosses Difference
Columbus 492 88% 55.20% 11 7 4 8 5 3 34 16 18
Last Four Games Average 294.00 63% 38% 6.25 10.00 -3.75 4.25 9.00 -4.75 14.75 26.75 -12.00
Difference 198.00 25% 17% 4.75 -3.00 7.75 3.75 -4.00 7.75 19.25 -10.75 30.00


Here is where the numbers are truly staggering.  The Quakes improved their passing by almost 200 passes from their previous four game average, had a 25% increase in accuracy, 17% increase in possession, generated 4.75 more chances while conceding three less chances, for an overall difference of +7.75, improved their corners differential by 7.75 (identical to chances), had 19 more crosses (19!!) to improve their cross differential by +30 from their previous four games.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Game/Stats Total Tackles Won Tackles Won Aerials Won Interceptions Clearances Fouls Committed Fouls Drawn Cards Blocks Saves
Columbus 15 50% 52% 17 18 9 12 2 13 5
Last Four Games Average 16.50 50% 49% 13.50 37.25 14.00 12.75 1.25 17.00 3.25
Difference -1.50 -2% 3% 3.50 -19.25 -5.00 -0.75 0.75 -4.00 1.75


Without getting into too much detail, the Quakes improved in almost every defensive category on Saturday than their previous four games, except saves.  This was almost to be expected from a team like Columbus, which is second in the league in shots on goal, just behind Seattle for first.

In the end, the Quakes dominated the match and earned their three points.  They showed a remarkable turnaround from the previous four matches.  All that’s left is to continue the momentum they created on Saturday and enjoy a majority of home matches for the remainder of the season.

I was on the record has having the Quakes losing 2-0, mainly due to their dismal performances leading up to the Columbus match.  Boy was I wrong! 🙂  I did nail the Quakes lineup and bench, and I managed to predict the HUGE upset of Union over United, though.

Up next: Orlando City SC at Levi’s on Sunday, May 24th at 4:00pm.  See you there!



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