Colorado Post-Match Report

May 10, 2015

The good news: we got five points on three road games.  The bad news: we got five points on three road games.

The Quakes finished their three-games-in-eight-days road trip with a stop in Crescent City, CO to take on the Rapids.  Just like at RSL, the Quakes scored an early goal to go ahead, and then lost the lead late to concede two points to the home team.

Wondo scored at 18′, giving his tally five on the year.  James Riley scored two minutes into stoppage time on a flurry of chances in the closing minutes.  Bingham set up Riley’s goal with a poor punch, rather than catching the ball, to score the equalizer.  In fact, the Quakes almost lost the game at that point, but held on for the draw.

Kinnear has made some questionable coaching decisions on this road-trip.  The latest one which has me scratching my head the most is subbing Salinas out and keeping Jahn in at Colorado during closing 15 minutes.  Jahn is a forward that averages less than a 60% passing efficiency and only wins 5 aerial duels each game; he is not the best at getting or maintaining the ball.  Why keep Jahn on when Shea gives you much more versatility on defense?  Usually it’s a no-brainer to sub your forwards for midfielders to preserve the win, not replacing midfielders for midfielders.

Sadly this isn’t the first time Kinnear has subbed position-for-position, rather than playing the smart-card and subbing defense for offense to keep the lead.  At RSL, he subbed Jahn on for Innocent in the second half.  Granted this was an injury sub, but at this point the Quakes had the lead, all they needed to do was control the ball by using a CAM sub like Tommy.  Jahn ended the game with a 38% in passing accuracy.  In Houston, Kinnear subbed in Tommy Thompson for MPG, instead of putting in a third CB in Renato at the 84′.  Houston had more than a few opportunities after this sub, as Thompson only touched the ball five times during his appearance.  Play the situation, Dom.  If we’re winning, make defensive subs.

There has also been a remarkable drop in offense lately, which I will discuss in my next blog post I posted in this post.

In the end, we got five points in three games.  But when you consider the fact that the Quakes could have had seven points, or even nine, if the right personnel were brought in to close out the games, five points may be a bitter pill to swallow, especially if we’re fighting for a playoff spot late in the season.

For the record: I predicted a 1-1 draw at RSL, a shut-out win in Houston, and a draw against Colorado on this road swing.  I also predicted we’d lose to Dallas by a goal, get points in Seattle, and beat Vancouver,  I didn’t get the Revs (had us winning), NYRB (had us winning), or the first RSL game (had a draw).  Not bad for the first 10 weeks.

Up next: MLS’s leading goal scorer Kei Kamara (currently tied with Dempsey with seven) and the Columbus Crew on Saturday, May 16th at Avaya!

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