Innocent OUT, MLS Got It Right

April 8, 2015

In an unusual move, MLS has retroactively suspended Innocent Emeghara for Saturday’s match against Vancouver, citing “player endangerment” for his elbow to RSL’s Luke Mulholland.

Quakes fans will think this is unfair, and I can sympathize with the angst many of us are probably feeling at this news, but if you look at the replay, it was a suspendable foul.  Even though it was a 50/50 ball and not intentional, Innocent led with his elbow, caught Mulholland on the forehead, and caused a huge welt to develop.  It did endanger the safety of another player.  It is one of the few correct decisions by MLS.  It’s unfortunate that it happened to be against our team.

What’s frustrating is that David Texeira remains eligible for FC Dallas’s match against Colorado on Friday despite his egregious elbow, which was worse, to PTFC’s Liam Ridgewell.  This foul, and more, have been ignored or overlooked by MLS this season.  Consistency is what has been lacking with MLS, and until MLS gets this right, I feel that Quakes fans have every right to complain about this suspension while other players act with impunity.

Dear MLS: keep it fair.  Keep it consistent.  Call it both ways, or don’t call it at all.



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