TissueGate & MLS

April 6, 2015

As an impartial observer, I think Caleb Porter did it right.

For those who missed it, FC Dallas lost to Portland last weekend, but the real story was how FCD head coach Oscar Pareja tried to disrespect PTFC head coach Caleb Porter after the match.  Rather than offering to shake his hand, he offered Porter a tissue instead.  He said it was to send a message to MLS about Porter “crying” to the officials all game.  I think he was just being a sore loser.  Porter threw it right back in his face (literally) with a “Look at the scoreboard” jab and coolly walked away.

Crying to the officials or not, what Pareja did was inexcusable, and it shows that FC Dallas’s lack of class starts with their head coach.  A lot of FCD games have players throwing elbows, engaging in dangerous tackles, and diving in the box.  They are winning, but they are winning dirty, hence why I am now rooting against FC Dallas just to see Pareja’s next act of immaturity.  If anything, Pareja was projecting his own crybaby-ness upon Porter.

On the flip side, I think this is great for MLS.  Like the Wenger/Mourinho shove, this little act of disrespect can make games more interesting going forward.  I guarantee the next time they play (which will be in July), people will tune in just to see the post-match “handshake.”  #MLSDrama



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