Wanted: Left Back

March 28, 2015

By: Esteban Ruiz

New England.  Cold, wet—this was always going to be a tough game. The Revs looked the better side for the entire match; the Quakes were never able to settle in and find their rhythm.

One thing that became evident in this game is that San Jose needs a better LB as current LB Shaun Francis looks lost on the field at times.  His reactiveness and inattention almost led to goal in the 10th minute, but Goodson was able to clear the ball before Revs struck it home.  Francis’s dispossession in midfield and awkward positioning also led directly to a deflected ball into the back of the net, the Revs’ first goal at the 21st minute.  He was also partially responsible in the second goal in when Rowe was able to beat him to a deflected shot.

Despite the changes at halftime in which the Quakes were able to get back in the game, one thing became clear to me: San Jose desperately needs reinforcements in LB.  Francis is becoming more of a liability by allowing the opponents to attack down the left, which forces Goodson out wide and leaves the center open.

Stewart is still injured, Barklage is gone, and the Quakes do not have any other players to fill in at LB.  Until this issue gets resolved, expect the Quakes to continue to be exploited at the LB position, with or without the rain.



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