VYSK New Quakes Sponsor??

March 11, 2015

20150311_105736UPDATE: I tweeted Dan Curzon, VYSK VP of Sales “So what are the chances of VYSK being our inaugural sponsor?” not expecting to get a tweet back.  Instead I got a “…. :)”  And the VYSK twitter account retweeted the pic I took yetsterday and gave me a “Good news spreads fast!” tweet.  Maybe it might really happen??

Coming off a post I just did an hour ago, VYSK is another potential sponsor.  I snapped these pictures today after driving by the stadium.  Hopefully the announcement of a new sponsor, either VYSK or someone else, comes soon!

VYSK is a technology encryption company based both in San Antonio and Santa Cruz.  It sounds like they are working a lot with mobile technology and such.  From their website: “We use our encryption and embedded hardware to also secure your camera, your texts, your photos, and more.”  They would be the perfect sponsors for Avaya, another tech company specializing in open-source tech.

I kinda like the logo: simple.




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