Where Are My Tickets??

February 26, 2015

If you are one of the 11,000 season ticket holders, you may be wondering where your tickets are.  Fear not!

Dave Kaval posted that season tickets will be delivered by Monday, March 2nd.  This is about three weeks before the home opener against Dallas.

Of course, whether or not we will have a season remains a question.  There has been no news that the players’ union and league are close to reaching a CBA agreement, and the season starts in less than 10 days.

soc_u_kennedy11_576Right now, it looks like a strike will happen.  Free agency is the biggest issue for the CBA, and that has yet to be resolved.  MLSPU board executive and FC Dallas goalkeeper Dan Kennedy stressed that free-agency is something the players stand behind and would strike for if needed.

Rumor has it that MLS has offered substantial salary increases for its players, possibly in an effort to divide the players and MLSPU in order to get the rank-and-file players on board to play the 2015 season with more money in their pockets, rather than facing a strike and no paycheck at all.

Negotiations continue in New York with a mediator.  If things don’t get hashed out, an arbitrator may be called to settle the dispute, but even that may not guarantee the players won’t strike to begin the season.  In 10 days, we’ll know for sure.



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