Paying to Park?

February 24, 2015

Today the Quakes announced their parking plan for Avaya.  Parking will range from $25-$40.  Not bad.

Unlike Buck Shaw where you could find free parking almost anywhere in the adjacent neighborhood, Avaya has little to offer for “free” parking if you want to walk.  The shopping center with the Lowe’s will be policed, along with all the roads near Avaya and the airport; if you park there and get ticketed, don’t blame me! San Pedro Square Market has parking garages, if you don’t mind paying to take the VTA shuttle, as well as paying garage fees.

The red areas indicate street parking or public parking around Avaya that is free, if you get there early enough and don’t mind the walk.

If you’re looking for free parking, I have created a map of places off the Quakes map that allow street parking, or “unpoliced” parking, if you don’t mind walking (all spots are within a mile of the stadium, probably closer).  These spots are in red.

Until it starts getting enforced, the BEST place to park is in the neighborhood behind the Lowe’s and Club Sport fitness gym. It has some houses and commercial buildings. However, you are looking at a lengthy exit time as the streets are the same ones used by Avaya Stadium. (Edit: it also looks like the police have started to enforce this area, so I’d recommend NOT using it; you might be risking a parking ticket and/or a tow).

Just across the 880 freeway on Coleman there is more street parking, just make a right on McKendrie Street (the first light after crossing over the freeway from the Avaya Stadium side), or a right on Hedding, and a second right on Chestnut. It is the spot closest to the freeway, and about a five minute walk to the stadium. It also avoids traffic problems that many fans experience while exiting Avaya. I’ve parked here on multiple occasions with no problems.

A great spot a mile away is the San Jose Market Center, with Target, BJ’s, Chili’s, Trader Joe’s, and others.  Sharks fans routinely park here and use the Guadalupe River Park trail to walk to the Tank.  It’s a bit of a walk down Coleman to reach the stadium (about a half-mile).  The Quakes say they will have a pick-up for the shuttle there as well.  Cross 880 and Avaya is on your left.  This is also a good spot to grab some grub before the game.  They have Smash Burger, Panda Express, Carl’s Junior, and other options.

Across the street from the San Jose Market Center is the Heritage Rose Garden.  There are plenty of free spaces on the roads next to the Garden.

There is free parking in the neighborhood near Bellarmine College Prep on Hedding Street.  It is a residential neighborhood with free parking on the streets.  All you need to do is take the Hedding Street overpass from Coleman and cross over the train tracks.  The parking lot at Bellarmine is almost certainly enforced, so I would not recommend parking there.

Spring Street, Ashbury Street, and Irene Street are roads on the approach for San Jose Airport.  There is a softball field and parking lot in this area, in which parking on the street is legal.  There are a few “No Parking” zones as you get closer to the airport, so just make sure you’re in a legal spot.  This is another quick walk to Coleman, then across the freeway.

You have a few more options if you want to take the free shuttle.  There are some free parking areas on north side of the airport.  A lot of these areas are office and hotel parking lots, so they might enforce parking, or start charging a small fee or restrict parking on game days.  You can also take the VTA light-rail to the Airport station on first, and grab the free VTA shuttle (the station is just across the street).

The Quakes also have bike parking in the VIP lot at Avaya.  If you’re close by and can ride your bike, it will be much easier to get out of the stadium than taking a car.



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