2015 Quakes Trialists

February 19, 2015

It’s difficult to follow a twitter feed or score sheet in preseason and be met with the name “Trialist 1,” “Trialist 2,” or “Trialist 3.”  What are trialists, and who are they exactly??

Trialist is a basic term for someone who is not officially part of a team.  The guy is “trying out” for the team without a contract or having his rights secured by the team via a draft system.  Since they are not “officially” part of the team, their names are left off official team announcements and reports.

We know the first trialist is Paulo Renato, who may sign with the Quakes.  He plays at the center-back position, normally occupied by Goodson and Bernardez (both getting up in age).

The second trialist is Mattias Silva, a second-division Argentinian defender.  I am pretty sure he won’t get a contract if Renato is close to signing.  When asked if he had a future with the team, the Magic 8-ball said “Outlook not so good.”

The third trialist is Cameron Iwasa, a forward that played for UC Irvine and is a native of Sacramento.  He was undrafted, and had a fairly successful career, netting 22 goals and bagging 14 assists during his collegiate career.  I would expect him to be playing for Sacramento Republic FC if he does not get signed by the team.  To be honest, I think he’s a long-shot to be on the team as well, although the Magic 8-ball told me to “ask again later.”



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