New Quakes Jersey Sponsor?

February 16, 2015

Stryker1E2011 was the last year the Quakes had a jersey sponsor.  With the advent of a new stadium, and naming rights delivered to Avaya, the next order of business was to secure the jersey/kit sponsorship.

Thanks to twitter user @KHMorales, the secret may be out!  It appears the next jersey sponsor may possibly be Stryker, a medical device manufacturing company.

While the name is wholly appropriate for a soccer team, I was still holding out the Quakes could get Quaker Oats to be their sponsors, but Quaker just resigned with Chicago last month.

Oh well.  Stryker will/may be a welcome sponsor, and ANYTHING is better than Amway.

 UPDATE: TCL Roku may also be in the running.



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