Fatai Alashe

January 16, 2015

The Quakes took Fatai Alashe with the fourth overall pick.  I love it.  I feel like our defense really declined over the past year, especially the last half of the year, and Sam Cronin(ja) was a part of the decline (granted losing key defensive players like Goodson and Gorlitz to injury, and not keeping Morrow and Beita did not help, and really set up Coach Watson to fail).  Sam is getting older, and losing pace.  He also is a great bartering tool for other players where we struggle with ball control, especially in the mid-field.  Last year, it was like watching a basketball “fast break” offense when they had the ball.  Try to counter as fast as you can to get goals.  Meanwhile the other teams controlled the ball and pace-of-play more, which meant we played their game, rather than having to force teams into playing ours (which I admit we did not even have).  There was no sense of ball control, setting up controlled attacks, or exposing defensive weaknesses.  With a new DM, we can begin to shore up a shaky defense and be in a great position to trade for a better attacking midfielder.



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