Jozy, Bradley, and the USMNT

January 13, 2015

People bag on Wondo a lot despite scoring 9 goals in his first 10 games and being a 3-time MLS goal scoring champion, but I think no player is as disappointing for the USMNT as Jozy Altidore.  The guy is a forward whose sole purpose is to score goals.  He did very little to produce these goals, given the amount of playing time he had, nor did he score in the EPL for Sunderland.  A close second to disappointing USMNT players is Michael Bradley, so it’s a bit ironic for them to be on the same team.  Everyone is agreed that Bradley had an awful World Cup run in 2014, and it was not because it was an “off” year.  He was terrible at Roma, and did little in Toronto, so is it any surprise he struggled for the USMNT?  Last year, everyone expected Toronto to do great things, yet they finished 7th in the East (the easier division) and out of the playoffs. It will be interesting to see how Jozy plays back on native soil (well, native soil during away games into the U.S.), but I am fairly certain Toronto will be on the outside looking in again for the playoffs this year.




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